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    Live Session at Esquire

    “What happens when the Infamous Stringdusters stop by our New York City office? A spontaneous Live Session, of course.” Read more.


    Press for Let It Go


    NPR Folk Alley
    “Now on its sixth studio album, Let It Go, the group has just returned with more great progressive acoustic music.” Read more. 

    CMT Edge
    “On their fifth studio album, Let It Go, they’ve teased out memorable melodies that serve as springboards for their wild, live jams.” Read more.  

    American Songwriter
    “The resulting music is expectedly earthy and organic but the lovely multi-part harmonies, the high quality of the songwriting and arrangements that reflect moods shifting from frisky or introspective depending on the lyrics, keep the tunes from falling explicitly into a country, folk, gospel, pop or bluegrass genre. Rather most borrow from all of these, creating an Americana gumbo with plenty of spice.”  Read more.

    “Appreciated for its straight-ahead bluegrass sound, distinguished by chemistry that allows for improvised valleys and peaks, Let It Go deftly moves from the band’s gritty, organic tone toward a warm and buoyant pop sound.” Read more. 

    Live 4 Music
    “The Infamous Stringdusters croon and swoon on their latest album, Let It Go. The band’s fifth release, Let It Go is the essence of Americana, bursting at the seams with heart and soul. Listening to the album is an absolute pleasure.” Read more.

    Bluegrass Today
    “The Stringdusters have successfully plotted their own course, beyond bluegrass but not divorced from it. They’ve demonstrated that taking a chance and chasing a dream can pay off.” Read more. 

    New York Music Daily

    “What makes the Stringdusters different from so many of their newgrass brethren is that a lot of their songs, especially on this album, are basically blue-sky rock anthems with acoustic instrumentation. This band doesn’t just recycle a ton of oldtime folk and bluegrass licks: they have their own distinctive style.” Read more. 

    Cleveland Scene
    “That’s a skill, often wholly separate from the songwriting that takes place in quieter moments. And it’s a skill that the guys in Infamous Stringdusters, from their disparate places of origin across the country, have spent years honing.” Read more. 

    C-Ville Weekly
    “It’s a consciously loose affair, imbued with a relaxed, insouciance and casual grace that recalls the Dead at its best moments.” Read more.

    Guitar World

    “The 11-track album is a statement of versatility from the IBMA Award-winning band – Andy Hall (Dobro), Andy Falco (guitar), Chris Pandolfi (banjo), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle) and Travis Book (upright bass) – that has spent the past eight years developing an acoustic sound that defies categorization.” Read more. 

    San Jose Mercury News
    “The new album, Let It Go, from Grammy-nominated bluegrass-rock band The Infamous Stringdusters features their usual crisp musicianship and glorious harmonies. There’s a pleasing diversity in these rousing tunes. But all feature the Stringdusters’ uniquely engaging, energetic sound.” Read more.

    Daytrotter Session
    The Infamous Stringdusters were invited to sit down with Daytrotter Studio to record a few tracks. Listen to The Stringdusters Daytrotter Session.


    Live Show Reviews

    The New York Times
    “What sounds casual and good-timey – handoffs from player to player, solos that turn into intertwined duets – is intricately plotted and arranged, attentive to the textures of each voice and string.” Read more.


    “It feels like the Dusters have hit a new peak: fans who know the songs, get into the jams and find unimpeachable evidence that the Stringdusters are one of the best string-influenced bands in the country right now.” Read more.

    The Grateful Web

    “Every crowd seems simply enamored with their boisterous stage presence, aggressively cunning musicianship, and true accessibility.” Read more.

    Sound Fuse Magazine

    “All the instruments are crisp and played with veracity.” Read more.

    WTJU Charlottesville

    “The Stringdusters possess enough musical talent for two or three typical bands. Each member is a triple threat: virtuoso player, strong singer, and polished songwriter.” Read more.










    The Infamous Stringdusters - 2013 Press Photo 1 (Photo by Harrison Buck)        The Infamous Stringdusters - 2012 Press Photo 2 (Photo by Tom Daly)        The Infamous Stringdusters - 2012 Press Photo (Photo by Tom Daly)



    Please click on the appropriate tour below to begin downloading the ad mat. If The Infamous Stringdusters are playing as part of a festival, please use the Festival Bio in the BIOS section below.
    2014 Summer Tour Ad Mat (June – August 2014)


    2014 Summercamp Single Assets (June – August 2014)





    I’ll Get Away Tour Bio


    Festival Bio





    The Infamous Stringdusters April 30, 2014 Press Release


    Let It Go Press Release


    6th Annual Ski Tour Mid-tour Press Release


    Road to Boulder and Ski Tour to Benefit Oskar Blues Can’d Aid for Colorado Flood Relief (PRESS RELEASE)





    Road to Boulder EP, including the single Road to Boulder (feat. Bruce Hornsby)





    Watch live performances from Seattle’s Neptune Theater–click here.




    YouTube link- Let It Go (Official Music Video)




    YouTube link- I’ll Get Away (Folk Alley Sessions)




    YouTube link- By My Side (Folk Alley Sessions)




    YouTube link- Rivers Run Cold (KSPN Kitchen Concerts)




    YouTube link- 2013 Road to Boulder Tour




    YouTube link- Night on the River (official music video)




    YouTube link- Official Night on the River Music Video and Mini-Documentary



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