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    The Ties That Bind Us

    The Infamous Stringdusters at The National for VA.NYE. photo by Tom Daly


    As we bid bon voyage to 2013, we reflect on a year of memories forged in our ties to one another. Chris Pandolfi (banjo) said it best in a note to The Jamily (The ‘Dusters hardcore fan base) on the Got Dusted Facebook page


    “2013 was such a big year for us, and it had everything to do with you guys. It wasn’t necessarily a year of mainstream saturation or publicity (which every band wants), but it truly was a year that everything changed for us as a band. 2013 was the year that you guys, our core fans, came together to transform the Infamous Stringdusters into something much bigger than a group of 5 guys chasing a dream. Every band thinks success will be the tie that binds them, but that changed. It’s our community that makes this feel like something real, something that will last for many years. It’s knowing that every show will have familiar faces on the rail, seeing you guys make the kind of commitment that we make, and knowing what a wonderful group of people you are. It’s something I never even dreamed about, it’s deeply inspiring and it’s had such a profound impact on everything we do. As things change and grow we’ll always find ways to make sure you guys are at the center of the experience.


    “The connections that we solidified with all of you in 2013 are the most meaningful connections we will ever make. There are way to many people to tag or name, but you know who you are and you know we love you. Here’s to many more years of doing this thing together. Thank you a million times and happy new year to all!!”


    We’re so grateful to have our Jamily with us on our journey and, being a Charlottesville-based band, we loved welcoming the New Year with all of you in our home state at The Festy presents a Virginia New Year’s Experience.  Fellow Virginia artists Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Sons of Bill, Love Canon, Carl Anderson and No BS! Brass Band added to the energy our fans brought, creating an epic 2-night New Year’s Experience for the ages!



    It was a thrill and an honor to start our 2014 memories in our home state, and now we’re looking forward to seeing you all again throughout the year.  In the short-term, we’re heading to Miami this weekend to get on the boat and gain our sea legs on Jam Cruise! Then, we’ll be rolling in hot (and tan) for 2 nights at Georgia Theatre, January 10 & January 11! (Click on the dates to RSVP to the Facebook event–included info on ticket links, show times, and more.) There will also be Happy Hours each night for the Jamily to get together and catch up before the show, so stay tuned for details coming soon.


    Also on the horizon of the near future… Be looking for more shows to announce, album release details and other exciting news coming at the end of January! Make sure you’ve signed up for our email list to be one of the first to know.

    January 2, 2014 in News

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