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On October 16th The Infamous Stringdusters will release the double CD Deluxe Edition of our very own Silver Sky album. Delivered by SCI Fidelity Records and the band’s own High Country label, Silver Sky – Deluxe Edition includes a previously unreleased bonus track, “He’s Gone,” and the bonus live album, We’ll Do It Live. Both albums will be available in stores nationwide for the very first time. To kick off this retail release, the ‘Dusters will perform at Brooklyn Bowl on 10/16.


Deluxe Edition Press

"Leave it to these newgrassers to push their ever expanding pushing gently into light funk, pop, reggae, jam, folk and even jazz."
-- American Songwriter

“A perfect collection of string music exemplifying one of the scene's most talented and coveted bands, The Infamous Stringdusters.”
-- Music Marauders

"Silver Sky is at once intricate, robust, polished, and natural...The Infamous Stringdusters traffic in a particularly gripping style of bluegrass, and listening to their new album, Silver Sky, is like sitting on the edge of your seat at the end of a great suspense flick...These twelve songs are almost impossibly good.”
-- Glide Magazine

"Virtuosic picking and playful yet clever lyrics"

"An exciting crossover success…tremendous picking skills and songwriting ability [with] plenty of outside influences."
-- 411 Mania

"A must-have for any bluegrass aficionado, traditional or progressive...If Silver Sky-Deluxe Edition represents the evolution of modern bluegrass, the future of “newgrass” is in good hands with The Infamous Stringdusters."
-- Grateful Web

Record Store Locations

As a reminder, Silver Sky - Deluxe Edition is being made available exclusively at independent retailers nationwide. So the only way to get it is to visit your local independent record store and buy it … you know, the old-fashioned way!

Below is a list of stores who will be carrying Silver Sky - Deluxe Edition. We expect this list to grow over the coming weeks, and will continue to keep it updated so you know where you can buy the album … but if you currently don't see a store near you on here, PLEASE call or visit your local independent record store and ask them to order Silver Sky - Deluxe Edition.

The album is being released by SCI Fidelity Records through Think Indie distribution, and is available for purchase throughout North America on both CD and vinyl.

The Infamous Stringdusters

Tuscaloosa, AL – Oz Music
Phoenix, AZ – Stinkweeds
Claremont, CA – Rhino/Mad Platter
Encinitas, CA – Lou’s Records
Hollywood, CA – Amoeba Music
Long Beach, CA – Fingerprints
Sacramento, CA – Dimple Records
San Jose, CA – Streetlight Records, Ltd
San Luis Obispo, CA – Boo Boo Records
Santa Cruz, CA – Streetlight Records, Ltd
Ventura, CA – Salzer’s Records
Boulder, CO – Albums On The Hill
Denver, CO – Twist and Shout
Durango, CO – Southwest Sound
Branford, CT – Exile on Main St.
Newark, DE – Rainbow Books and Music
Miami Beach, FL – Uncle Sam’s
Orlando, FL – Park Ave CDs
Santa Rosa Beach, FL – Central Square
Atlanta, GA – Criminal Records
Decatur, GA – Decatur CD
Boise, ID – Record Exchange
Coeur D’Alene, ID – The Long Ear
Bloomington, IN – Landlocked Music
Indianapolis, IN – Indy CD and Vinyl
Indianapolis, IN – Luna Music
Lawrence, KS – Kief’s
Lexington, KY – CD Central
Dearborn, MI – Dearborn Music
Minneapolis, MN – Electric Fetus
Saint Louis, MO – Euclid Records St. Louis
St. Louis, MO – Vintage Vinyl
Missoula, MT – Rockin’ Rudy’s
Raleigh, NC – Schoolkids
Omaha, NE – Homer’s
Princeton, NJ – Princeton Record Exchange
Rochester, NY – Lakeshore Record Exchange
Rochester, NY – Records Archive
West Babylon, NY – Looney Tunes
Bowling Green, OH – Finders records
Cincinnati, OH – Everybodys Records
Cincinnati, OH – Shake It
Columbus, OH – Magnolia Thunderpussy
Toledo, OH – Culture Clash
Norman, OK – Guestroom Records
Oklahoma City, OK – Guestroom Records
Eugene, OR – CD World
Portland, OR – Music Millennium
Portland, OR – Jackpot Records
Greenville, SC – Earshot
Knoxville, TN – Disc Exchange, Inc.
Nashville, TN – Grimey’s
Austin, TX – Waterloo Records & Video
Austin, TX – End of an Ear
Corpus Christi,TX – Disc Go Round
Dallas, TX – Good Records
Houston, TX – Cactus
Taylorsville, UT – Graywhale
Richmond, VA – BK Music
Richmond, VA – Plan 9
Burlington, VT – Pure Pop Records
Seattle, WA – Silver Platters
Seattle, WA – Easy Street
Seattle, WA – Sonic Boom
Walla Walla, WA – Hot Poop
Yakima, WA – Off The Record

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