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    Ending the American Rivers Tour

    All Photos and Video by Harrison Buck

    We’re finally reflecting on this summer’s American Rivers Tour, and we can honestly say we made some of the greatest memories in the band’s history. From the music to the fans to the wild and scenic settings we were able to explore, this was an adventure that will stay with us forever.

    It started with 10 shows in some of our favorite mountain towns. We’re grateful for the support and energy that came our way, when we hit stages in Utah, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The run then culminated with a six-day float on the Middle Fork of Idaho’s Salmon River. After a plane dropped us in the middle of nowhere, we spent nearly a week in a pristine unspoiled wilderness area, guided by the fine folks at Idaho River Adventures. It was a time to make new friends, new music, and new connections to the natural world around us. Check out the short documentary that captures the experience.

    We’d like to offer special thanks to our tour sponsors: Patagonia, Osprey, Klean Kanteen, and Moab Brewery. The combined efforts of these great companies and the tickets purchased by our loyal fans raised nearly $10,000 for American Rivers, an organization working hard to protect our nation’s river and streams. We’re planning to keep in touch with American Rivers, follow their efforts, share what we’ve learned, and anticipate future adventures together.

    All Photos and Video by Harrison Buck

    September 24, 2013 in Tour

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