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    Are you a proud Jamily bud? Do you always make it out to see The Infamous Stringdusters when they’re playing in your area? Do you love talking about The ‘Dusters to anyone who will listen? Then we want you to become a Trailblazer for The Infamous Stringdusters! Becoming a Trailblazer is a great way for dedicated fans to get involved in the scene by helping to spread the word about upcoming shows, or other events, in your area.


    More than just a street team, Trailblazers will help promote upcoming Stringdusters shows/events through a combination of hanging posters, utilizing your social media channels, and helping out at the show itself. Sign up to become a Trailblazer using the form below, then:


    • You’ll receive a call or email from our Marketing Coordinator, Delia Stephenson, when there’s a promotional opportunity in your area.
    • Respond with your interest in helping, then Delia will select the team and, if you’re selected, will send you instructions.
    • Follow your instructions, including properly logging your efforts (these steps will be outlined in the instructions).
    • Receive confirmation for your efforts and collect your reward (this could be free swag or a ticket to the show; compensation will be outlined in your instructions).

    Trailblazers: The Infamous Stringdusters

    If this sounds like a team you'd like to join, sign up using the form below. We will not sell or share your information with any other party. Your information will only be used by our Marketing Coordinator, Delia Stephenson, to contact potential Trailblazers and to distribute promotional materials and compensation.


    If you’re a current Trailblazer and are ready to log your efforts, click here to access the form.

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