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    How A Great Artist Can Change A Life: Doc Watson, Rest In Peace

    How A Great Artist Can Change A Life: Doc Watson, Rest In Peace
    By Andy Falco

    My parents are music lovers, and music was and still is a big part of our family. Growing up, there was always really great music playing somewhere in our home. Records or the radio were always playing somewhere in the house, seemingly at all times. Radio was permanently on in the car. Classical radio was always the soundtrack on our Sunday drives to my grandparent’s in NYC.
    My parents are what I would consider model record buyers. If they hear something they like on the radio or television, they buy the record the next day. And their taste is eclectic, ranging from The Beatles to Sonny Rollins to the Doors to Johnny Cash to Mozart to Brownie McGee and Sonny Terry to Broadway Show Soundtracks to Herb Albert to Judy Collins to The Band to Simon and Garfunkel to Modern Jazz Quartet to Willie Nelson and and so on.
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