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  • NYTimes scroller

  • WE’LL DO IT LIVE short v2 from Chris Pandolfi on Vimeo.

    High Sierra Late Night (Hillbilly’s, IRIS 1.0) from Chris Pandolfi on Vimeo.

    The ‘Dusters perform Rain at HearYa Studios in Chicago

    The Infamous Stringdusters – Rain from HearYa.com on Vimeo.

    Check out The Infamous Stringdusters on the road, on the slopes, in the water, on the trails, and on bikes.

    The Festy 2010: The first inception of The Festy and it’s only getting better.

    ‘Dusters at play off stage as hard as they play on stage.

    ‘Dusters journey through the legendary High Sierra Festival 2010.

    Panda’s super cool video for Things That Fly.

    Oh the wind and rain…Nor’Easter Tour 2009

    The West Side Tour 2009: Cresty’s Place is born on this tour…

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